Aroma Diffuser ZEN - DF12B, Air Freshener and Humidifier

Kód: EXT569602UK
Značka: Nature7
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"This humidifier with a diffuser aromatises, humidifies and cleans air. It combines the effects of water mist with essential oils. Using gentle ultrasonic undulation, it breaks down essential oils into extremely small micro-particles without heating them. Therefore the oil retains its original fragrance and healing properties. The aromatic diffuser will help you turn every room into a fragrant oasis and create a relaxing atmosphere. If essential oil is not added, the diffuser serves as a humidifier. By adding specific essential oils you can help yourself or your loved ones with various ailments. A few drops of quality oil are enough to relieve a cold, coughing, headaches or inability to fall asleep. A correctly chosen oil will clean the air or will simply make your stay in the room where you are currently located more pleasant. It is suitable for living rooms, children's bedrooms, meeting rooms, massage parlours, wellness centres, etc. By choosing the right essential oils you can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom or disinfect air or ensure calm sleep in a children's bedroom. Concentration in a student's room or relaxed communications whether at home or in the workplace. Always use quality oils. Using cheap, synthetic oils you will of course create a fragrant atmosphere but the mind and body will not be rested. It may on the other hand, harm sensitive people. For example headaches, etc. When using the diffuser, light effects can be easily set to create a very pleasant environment in your room and induce a relaxing atmosphere. The aromatic diffuser is suitable anywhere where for safety reasons it is not possible to use an open flame (candles in aroma lamps). It combines the effects of water mist with essential oils. The aromatic diffuser is very easy to use. Pour water into the water tank, ideally distilled. Add a few drops of an essential oil and press the button to start the appliance. The aromatic diffuser will immediately start creating a water mist and diffuse oil into the air. At the same time its backlight colour changes. Press the button again to select one specific backlight colour. Press the button for a third time to turn off the backlight and then once more to turn the aromatic diffuser off. There is no need to check the amount of water in the water tank. When it is used up, the aromatic diffuser will turn itself off. An elegant interior accessory."
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    Kategorie: aromadifuzéry
    Záruka: 24
    Hmotnost: 0.67 kg
    značka: Nature7

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